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Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a procedure that men and women can both go through when there is hormonal imbalance in their bodies. It is performed when there is a deficiency of hormones required by the body without which the body cannot function properly.

To put it more simply, hormones are carriers in our body that take up messages and signals to our brains which helps the body in performing certain functions smoothly. These hormones aid the body in performing many tasks such as reproduction, digestion, defecting, in respiratory functions and even in mental processes as well.

Women go through hormonal imbalances during their menopause period or the premenopausal time. The disproportion of hormones can cause many issues such as mood changes, insomnia, low libido and weight gain, etc. Men, on the other hand, don’t have a specific time but it tends to happen usually in their 40s. It is completely normal for the testosterone level in men to decrease as they age and with the help of this therapy, an anti-aging process can be initiated. For men the symptoms include a decrease in sexual desire, complications in erections and infertility issues. There are also physical changes such as increase in weight, hair loss, and lowered energy levels.

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This therapy is known as a replacement therapy because during this therapy the hormones that are deficit in the body are replaced by bio identical or synthetic ones. Bio identical hormones are those that are an exact copy of the existing hormones in our body and synthetic ones are not a replica of the ones we have.

There are various ways this therapy can take place, such as:

  • Patches: In this process, one simply has to place testosterone patches on their back, arms or buttocks.
  • Injection: This is the more common procedure in which doctor inject the hormones in the muscles
  • Gel: The easiest though is the gel which is applied to the arms, back or abdomen after regular intervals.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for men:

Hormone replacement therapy proves to be very advantageous to men and some of the benefits are:

  • Energy Levels

Another effect that hormonal imbalance can have is laziness. If there is hormonal deficiency in the body, an individual tends to get exhausted in a short span of time, feels less motivated and cannot function as well as he used to. With this therapy, the energy levels can be accelerated and one can go back to a youthful lifestyle.

  • Weight

Weight issues can be tackled side by side once the hormonal imbalances are looked upon. The reason for this is once the decreased energy levels are restored, one can be more active and hence losing weight can be easier.

  • Sex Drive:

The most significant reason why men opt for hormonal replacement therapy is because of the negative impact that lack of hormones can have on their sexual drives. This issue is caused as the low amount of testosterone produced can cause low libido, a drastic decrease in sexual desires or erectile dysfunction. All this can be solved by the help of hormone replacement therapy.

  • Reproduction

It is known that a decrease in hormones can lead to infertility in men. Thus, a hormone replacement therapy can help men in this area. The process of sperm production is often slowed down which can be accelerated with the therapy and hence reduce any risks of infertility.

  • Improved lifestyle

This therapy can be beneficial to the body as it can do wonders in a lot of areas. An increase in stamina and energy level alone can increase a person’s strength and fitness levels. Other than that, more intricate issues such as heart diseases, arthritis, eczema and Parkinson’s symptoms can be lessened as well.

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