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What is PRP Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

What is PRP Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

An Introduction to the PRP Therapy

Did you know that our blood contains some extremely important components, each of which has its own “life-changing” and “life-saving” roles to play?

The human blood is composed of two main parts – the Plasma (55%) and the Blood Cells (45%). The plasma is the liquid part of the blood which keeps the blood cells suspended in it. The plasma itself is composed of salts and proteins that provide an ideal environment for the blood cells to thrive and carry out their specific function in the human body.

However, the plasma not only houses the blood cells, but it also performs several other functions which include regulating the body temperature, relieving the body from all internal stresses, etc.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a mixture of plasma intermixed with platelets. It is obtained when the plasma is centrifuged to a high speed, which separates the red blood cells from it, and leaves a mixture of plasma and platelets behind.

Combining the diverse functions of plasma with the natural healing properties of platelets, we get a truly valuable concoction in the form of “Platelet-Rich Plasma”, which is nowadays widely employed as a therapy or treatment option for several medical conditions.

What are the Benefits of PRP therapy?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) possesses natural healing and beneficial properties of both the plasma and platelets. It is widely employed nowadays as a therapeutic treatment for several medical problems.

Here are a few wonderful benefits that could be achieved by administering the Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment in an individual:

  • Increases collagen content and enhances the production of stem cells, which in turn increases the healing of tendons, muscles, ligaments, and joint injury healing.
  • It helps treat arthritis-related pain or joint pain.
  • Is used in a variety of cosmetic procedures like different facials to get rid of wrinkles, acne scars, age spots and fine lines, etc.. off your face.
  • Enhances hair regrowth and regeneration in both men and women.

How Does The PRP Therapy Work?

The PRP treatment – also referred to as PRP-Shot – is given in the form of an injection. The whole procedure takes place in an outpatient setting.

First the blood sample drawn from your arm, and place it in a centrifuge, where the red blood cells will get separated from a ‘platelet-plasma’ mixture (that is required).

Then, your doctor will inject this mixture into the area of interest, and then you would be free to go for your routine.

Depending on how extensive the damage is or how much change is required to be made to your skin, you might require a follow-up treatment.

The Results of PRP Therapy
Once the PRP has reached its destination, it almost instantaneously starts working on it’s magic, and helps your body to internally heal itself and thus, resolve your joints, muscles, or ligament related problems, or skin and hair-related health issues.

It may take some time for the results to start showing up because your body naturally takes its time to heal, but you receive long term results.

PRP is a total non-surgical procedure, which means:

  • no local or general anesthesia-related symptoms to follow,
  • no after-care or recovery care required,
  • absolutely no chances of any adverse effects to be anticipated.

Is The PRP Therapy Worth It?

So, in case you are looking for an honest answer, then yes, this treatment is worth it!

The least possible number of side effects and long term results, what is the harm in trying it? You are definitely going to love what you experience from this therapy.

Am I Eligible For Receiving This Treatment?

The results vary from person to person, but nearly every person could successfully benefit from this therapy.
All you need to do is book an appointment with your doctor, who will carefully listen to you and address all your concerns. He will guide you through the entire treatment, and will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

What are you waiting for then? Book an appointment right away!

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