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Knowledgeable Hair Loss Center Fort Lauderdale Can Help You Explore Your Options

Hair loss treatments, specifically platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatments, are one of the most beneficial options available today. PRP uses a patient’s own blood to help restore hair growth. Platelets are essential in wound healing and stimulate cell re-growth, which leads to increased production of collagen and generation of new capillaries. The process is simple, natural, and uses your bodies own systems to achieve the results you want.

How It Works

Our PRP hair loss treatment is based on the goal of repairing damaged or injured tissues in your body. The process works by isolating some plasma from your own blood and injecting them back in areas that need to be repaired, in this case, the scalp.

The platelets in the blood plasma contain bioactive components called growth factors that are responsible for signaling molecules in-between cells. The signals regulate cell activity including stimulation of cellular growth, repair, division and differentiation.

The growth factors injected in the scalp stimulate hair growth by repairing damaged follicles, stimulating skin cell growth and increasing blood supply that leads to the growth of stronger and thicker hair strands.

Our Fort Lauderdale Hair Loss Center Procedure

This minimally invasive procedure stimulates your body’s regenerative process by harvesting the growth factors that platelets are known to contain. In order to bring about the desired changes, the following steps are taken during each procedure:

  • Treatment begins with a simple blood draw. Our professional medical staff carefully draws blood from a vein the patient’s arm.
  • The tube of drawn blood is put in a centrifuge, where it is spun until the components are distinctly separated: (1) red blood cells, (2) platelet-poor plasma and (3) platelet-rich plasma. The latter will rise to the top because of the difference in density.
  • A syringe is used by our experienced medical staff to extract the platelet-rich plasma. We use the sample from your body to gather the concentrated platelets and growth factors needed for cellular repair.
  • Our doctor injects the plasma into the target areas of the scalp that need restoration at the follicle level. The meticulous process involves careful injection every half-inch of the area with thinning hair.
  • Once injected, the body reacts naturally and begins to heal itself.

The entire procedure does not take more than an hour, and there is very minimal discomfort during the process. As a matter of fact, most patients can go through the process without using local anesthetic or numbing cream.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Our Hair Loss Center, Fort Lauderdale, delivers PRP treatment that has real and proven health, skin, and hair care benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this procedure over others.

It’s non-invasive
You don’t need to go under the knife for a painful and intensive hair transplant surgery to address your hair loss problem. Through our PRP hair loss treatment, each procedure lasts no more than one hour. It’s quick, painless and with zero down time that allows you to get back to your daily activities in no time at all.

It’s safe and natural
Since the procedure involves drawing your own blood and re-injecting the platelet-rich plasma into your scalp, it means we are not using any synthetic compounds or harmful chemicals, other than what is already naturally occurring in your own bloodstream.

It’s effective
Proven results show significant thickening of hair within a three-month treatment process of one session per month. Hair appears to be stronger and more resilient to hair breakage, with very minimal hair fall.

It has minimal to zero risk
Other hair loss procedures involve invasive surgery or synthetic chemicals that may cause more harm to the scalp rather than healing. Our PRP hair loss treatment has no side effects poses zero risk to the patient. Despite being a relatively new treatment for hair loss, the use of growth factors drawn from blood plasma has been around the medical field for decades used for wound healing and injury recovery.

The Outcome

PRP has been successful in treating hair loss, as well as acne and chronic orthopedic injuries. It can also provide cosmetic benefits and serve as a treatment for scarring, fine wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and other signs of aging.

Results from PRP are visible in as little as three weeks and improve gradually from month to month. Most people have PRP treatments about once a month for about two to three months. That is right – six months from now you could look younger and have more hair than you have had in years. PRP is safe, effective, and non-invasive, and might just be the best decision you have ever made.

Experienced Hair Loss Center Fort Lauderdale Helps You Turn Back the Hands of Time

There is no reason why you need to just roll over and accept what is considered the norm when it comes to aging. MedX Medical Center can help you with everything to hair loss or weight issues to sex drive.

It is easier than ever before to keep your youthful vitality and enjoy life well into your retirement years. But if you are not feeling your best or you are struggling with the signs of aging, this is not always easy. Even the simplest activities can be challenging.

At MedX Medical Center, we want to help you feel your best at any age. We offer help with weight loss, hormone therapy, thyroid health, and more. The ultimate goal is to help you feel your best at any age.

In addition to specific therapies, we are also able to offer primary care services. This means you can get all of your regular medical care with us, whether you are managing an illness or injury or dealing with other long-term non-severe conditions. We also provide preventative care for our patients, including regular exams and blood work as indicated.

Our goal is to help you live your best life and to feel great at any age. Contact an Experienced Hair Loss Center Fort Lauderdale for more information

If you have any inquiry or if you want to schedule an appointment to discuss whether PRP or any of our other treatments are right for you, call our Fort Lauderdale Hair Loss Center at 954-324-3074.

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Our services include pain management, a medical weightloss program, personal injury, primary care, PRP, and much more. Each service is designed to help you feel more vibrant than you have ever felt before. This is not only possible but right within your reach at MedX Medical Center.

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