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How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help Aging Men

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help Aging Men

Testosterones are hormones that are created in the testicles of a man. These hormones are essential to man’s body and helps in normal and comfortable functioning of the body. Low testosterone levels cannot be harmful to life but can cause various issues that should be tackled with in order to avoid discomfort. 

It is also very normal for men to have low testosterone levels as they get older. Testosterone levels are the highest in early adulthood but they start to gradually decrease as a man passes the 40 year age limit. They don’t decrease drastically so that shouldn’t be worrying but it’s around 1% every year. 

With the help of proper testosterone levels men can have stable facial and body hair, increased sex drive, better bone density and the body mass is also proportionate. Lower levels can disrupt these and many other things.

 Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

In order to help cope with the low testosterone levels, Testosterone Replace Therapy (TRT) was introduced. For ease and convenience there are several methods to go ahead with testosterone replacement therapy. You should probably talk to a physician or a doctor about which one to go for since they would have a better understanding. 

Types of TRT

If one chooses to go for TRT, they can choose from a variety of different methods. Some of the very basic ones are:

  1. Injections: Testosterone injections are injected in the body from an interval period of anywhere around two to four weeks. There are only uncomfortable when the needle goes in as is the case with most injections but other than that it is fine.
  2. Pellets: Second method is by pellets. These tiny pellets are placed under the skin by experts and can be over within a matter of small surgeries.
  3. Patches: Testosterone patches are also very famous because of how easy to use they are. They can be applied on the back, chest, arms, etc and have to be applied at least twice a day.
  4. Gel: Testosterone gels are also available but it is important to take care that no one else comes in contact with the gel once it has been applied or they might get testosterone in their body as well. It has to be applied daily for maximum results.

Benefits of TRT:

Testosterone replacement therapies have proved to be helpful to men who have aged and as a result of aging have lower levels of these hormones. The major beneficial change reported was that of higher energy levels. Sex drive was also reported to have been better because of energized body. The previously faced issue such as slower and less amount of erections was certainly solved with the help of testosterone replacement therapy. Men also tend to get a lot of body fat as a result of low testosterone levels and having TRT has shown a change in body fat as well since it decreases. 

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help Aging Men

Another major issue that various males face is that of insomnia because of low testosterone levels. This issue is also solved with the help of TRT as when energy levels increase the body works better and more hence the issue of lack of sleep is tackled with.

Myths about TRT:

One major myth that many people seem to have grasped is that TRT helps in increases sperm production. That is not the case; this will only help get your reduced sperm production back on track. 

There are also people who are wary of this therapy because of myths that claim people get increased cardiovascular diseases. Once again, that is also false and on the contrary, TRT helps in lessening the chances of cardiovascular diseases. 

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