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The Benefits of Suboxone Therapy

The Benefits of Suboxone Therapy

Suboxone therapy is an effective form of treatment for people who suffer from opioid dependence and a strong weapon that can be harnessed to fight against the opioid epidemic that has ravaged this nation.

Opioid usage changes brain chemistry and creates a chemical dependency and psychological addiction. While the body naturally creates some opioids, this production is reduced or eliminated when you use opioids, which can cause acute withdrawal and other serious side effects when you attempt to detach from them. Suboxone therapy helps to recalibrate the brain after addiction. It also offers the following benefits:

Long-Term Option
Suboxone therapy produces a milder form of the effects of opioids and fills the opioid receptors in the brain without the negative consequences associated with opioid use.

Detoxification Aid
While suboxone is best used as a long-term treatment for opioid addiction recovery, it can also provide short-term benefits as a detoxication aid. It eases the discomforts often associated with opioid withdrawal.

Patients who use suboxone for six months or longer usually have much better outcomes than patients who only use it as a detoxification aid. Additionally, 60 to 90% of patients who use this treatment for a year or longer stay in treatment while those who participate in abstinence have a relapse rate of about 90%. One study found that when patients were enrolled in an opioid discontinuation program or an opioid replacement program, being placed in the replacement program predicted the patient would better adhere to the treatment protocol. In a study conducted by researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse had a 49% reduced usage of prescription pills after taking suboxone for an extended period.

Suboxone therapy

Less Likely to Be Abused
Because suboxonedoes not produce the same “high” effect as opioids, it is much less likely to be abused. Additionally, people who receive suboxone are more likely to use their prescription responsibly.

Greater Accessibility
Certain anti-withdrawal drugs can only be prescribed by specialized addiction Centers, which may not be affordable or accessible by all patients. Suboxone can be prescribed by most doctors, so it is easier to get a prescription for it and to maintain it. Because it is available on an outpatient basis, you do not have to completely alter your lifestyle and live in an inpatient program to receive this drug.

It is also easier to access suboxone because it is more affordable. You can also receive visits and payment documentation for your insurance company to handle.

Get Started Today
If you would like to learn more about the specific benefits of suboxone or would like to an appointment at MedX Med Center, you can contact us at (954) 324-4825. You will be under a doctor’s supervision while undergoing treatment while in a moderate state of withdrawal, followed by a maintenance program to assist you with minimal side effects you may encounter. Successful completion in this program can bring about life-altering effects and create a brighter future for you. We are ready to assist you through your journey.

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